Telemark Adventure rents out professional esquif royalex canoes.  We have also Janautica Edo kayaks.  For canoe trips on the Telemark Canal, we deliver canoes at the harbour in Dalen, the starting point of the canal. 

Before you leave, you get some information about the techniques about paddling.  Of course you also get life jackets and the paddles that are necessary!


The thing that is so marvellous here in Dalen, is that you can paddle as many days as you want.  You start at the harbour in Dalen, and in 5 or 6 days you can reach the East coast of Norway, Skien. To come back, you can take one of the canal boats.  They pick you up at any place on the canal.  They also bring back the canoes to the starting point here in Dalen.  A unique experience!!

Øystein Kohn, the most famous ´canoe man´ from Norway wrote in his book that the Telemark Canal is a real paddle pearl!

In the rental price, there is a map included that indicates where the locks are, as well where you can camp, or buy food along the canal.  If necessary, you can rent waterproof barrels or sacs. (30 NOK/day).


Rental price: 280 NOK/day/canoe

For more information, please send us an E-mail to info@telemarkadventure.com


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Bike rental (regular bikes and mountain bikes):


In Dalen, it is perfect possible to combine a bike trip with a relaxing boat trip.  You cycle around noon to the little harbour of Bandaksli, where one of the canal boats will pick you up and bring you and the bike back to Dalen.

Are you more interested in a larger tour, than you can do a trip along the canal for several days.  Here you choose when to go back with the canal boat. 

Telemark Adventure has a lot to offer, as well for the Sunday cyclist as for the real mountain biker!



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